Watch Bernie Sanders Rewrite The American Dream In Three Minutes

In this inspiring video, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) emphatically preaches about the changes that America needs to happen, about how the poisonous seeds planted by the Bush Administration have come to mature, how the economic blunders of the Reagan years are finally falling on the shoulders of the American people, and that it is time for us to address the real issues that face our country, before we let it consume everything we’ve worked so hard for.

“Here’s the simple truth. In America, we have millions of millions of working people who are working hard but are not earning enough to put bread on the table or feed their kids, and that has GOT to end!”

His message of economic populism is resoundingly strong once one considers the way that gross income inequality, exploitation by big businesses and the free market fascists of Wall Street, the diversion of 90% of all new wealth to the top one percent of Americans have combined to cripple and break the American middle class. “I’m in this business because I have four kids, and seven beautiful grandkids. I want to see a world where people can live full, dignified lives, without stepping all over each other.” says Sanders.

He’s absolutely right. American hypercapitalism and the constant hunger for wealth, the starvation of our public institutions by Republican policies and the lack of money available to the everyday American has pit us against each other. It’s turned life in America into a Darwinian competition where the strongest, those who won the lottery of life and were born into privilege or received fortune’s favor tower above the rest. It’s undignified and unbecoming of the nation that we were, the proud shining democracy that saved the world from Nazism.

Watch it here:

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