Watch: A "Redneck" Calls Out White America Over McKinney Pool Racism

In this impassioned, informed, and hard-hitting rant, YouTuber and self-declared “redneck” Dixon White calls out white America for their overtly defensive reaction to the McKinney pool party incident and the structural racism inherent in our institutions. “We know that many black people are oppressed, and we know that many black people are angry, not all but some, so white people walk around in this fear, like the cop in McKinney, Texas. He was walking around like he was dealing with an angry mob! These are teens at a swim party…Instead of protecting the black teens from the racist adults, who were yelling racial slurs at them, instead of him protecting the teens, he protected the white folks!”

He then brilliantly ties the events and America’s reaction into the War on Drugs, the overcrowding and racial disparity of the for-profit prison system, and how they are all symptoms of white supremacy. He finishes with a call for white America to soul-search and come to terms with racial relations in America.

“Have we ever taken responsibly? Racially? Collectively? White people often use guilt as a defense mechanism, to remain in denial, to not have to deal with the reality that we’ve created. Get uncomfortable, look in the mirror, and think about what we’ve done as a nation. Think about what we’ve done as a people.”

It’s a moving video from White, who clearly feels strongly about these issues and makes some very poignant points.

Watch it here:

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