Racist Bikers And Neo-Confederate 'Patriots' Descend On McKinney For Hate Rally

The racists of America are organizing a hate rally in response to the public outcry and protests against Officer Eric Capelton’s brutality against a fifteen year old girl in McKinney, Texas, that was captured on video that has gone viral on social media. A group called “Back To The Blue” has called for “bikers”, “truckers”, and “patriots” to descend on the McKinney Police HQ in a show of solidarity for the police because “race-baiters, cop-haters, outside agitators, and Black Panthers are FLOODING into Collin County by the busload.” They plan to have “the biggest thing to happen in Patriot Movement since the Bundy Ranch victory!”

The entire Facebook announcement is an absurd statement of racism barely disguised as support for police:

In the spirit of anarchy and total lawlessness, black supremacists are now planning to descend upon McKinney, TX to scream and cry about the fact that they were not allowed to 1) Trespass 2) Intimidate, scream at, and curse at home owners and their young children in public 3) Break the law 4) Resist arrest 5) Start a street fight, film it, and brag about it on Twitter. I’m sure you’ve all seen the left-wing lame-stream media coverage of McKinney PD trying to get a screaming, foul-mouthed mob of party-crashers under control. The national race-baiters who make money by stirring up controversy are now pushing for yet more cop-hating protests in MCKINNEY. **Please note: I am devastated that I cannot be there personally for this 2nd rally, but I am working all night that night!*** Cause Patriots HAVE JOBS. 🙂

Implying, of course, that the protesters in McKinney don’t have jobs. Commenters on the Facebook page refer constantly to the children as “thugs” and “prostitutes”. It’s a disgusting attempt to rewrite the narrative surrounding the incident to blame the kids and exonerate the cop, the way the right-wing attempts to every time an incident like this happens. It’s part of the systematic racism that permeates Republican culture, propogated by the FOX News echo chamber and the myths that portray African-Americans as subhumans, as moochers and drug addicts, perpetually keeping them repressed and disenfranchised. It’s an atrocious outburst of paranoia and discrimination that keeps getting weirder as you realize just how delusional these people are:


It’s a sad day for progress in our nation when these kind of paranoid schizophrenic racists come out of the woodwork.

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