Watch: 'Extra' Anchor Explains How Obamacare Saved His Life, Thanks Obama

In this segment, Jerry Penacoli, a correspondent on the Extra TV show, details how he almost lost his life battling cancer after he reached his lifetime cap on his health insurance coverage, but was able to afford treatment through Obamacare, since the landmark reform removed lifetime coverage caps for good. He sits down with the President to express his gratitude. “You pretty much saved my finances and my life” says Penacoli.

The President congratulates him on his perseverance: “I’ve heard the story of you battling courageously against your illness, and one of the goals of the ACA was not just to help people get insurance when they didn’t have it but to give better protections to people who already had it.”

Penacoli thanks him effusively: “This has nothing to do with politics, I just want you to know it made a difference in my life.”

Afterwards, Penacoli sits down with the Reverend Al Sharpton to discuss his experiences with Obamacare, the difficulties of his disease, the positive impacts the law has had for the American population, and question why the law is so polarizing- “it’s a moral issue, as far as I’m concerned.”

Watch it here:

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