Watch: Bernie Sanders DESTROYS Republican Climate Change Deniers In 2 Minutes

In this clip from the Senate floor, Senator Bernie Sanders unleashes a verbal barrage on Republican climate change deniers, debunking the useless “opinions” of Republican Senators and reasserting the primacy of research and scientific proof. “But what is really important is not what this person feels or what that person feels, it is what those people who have studied the issue extensively believe. That is really what matters. And for those people–the 97 percent of the peer-reviewed scientific literature on this issue–they say very clearly that climate change is real and that human activity is a primary cause of global warming.”

Sanders then compares the artificial debate surrounding climate change research to the campaign funded by tobacco companies to convince America that smoking wasn’t harmful, which is a very striking way to look at it. The fossil fuel magnates who have the most to lose from carbon emission reduction have already bought themselves the Republican Congress, and they’re using the GOP as a mouthpiece to propagate a false narrative about global warming and its existence.

It is vitally important that we begin to take steps to reverse the damage we’re doing to the environment before its too late. The Republican Party and their corporate backers are putting the lives of Americans at risk in pursuit of short-term profits.

Watch it here:

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