Watch: Dallas Police Shooter's Dad Blames Liberals For His Son's Domestic Terrorism

In this astonishing clip, the father of the Texas police shooter attempts to blame liberals and the left for his son’s decision to attack police officers with automatic weapons and explosives. James Boulware, 35, was killed during a shootout on Saturday night when he emerged from an armored van and began attacking the police headquarters in Dallas.

His father says he hated the cops because he lost custody of his son to Child Protective Services. Boulware appears to have been a violent paranoid schizophrenic that never got treatment for his mental issues, and lost his son because of an incident in which he choked out his own mother. His father, showing just how far the FOX News echo chamber has penetrated the minds of elderly conservatives, blames “liberal policies” and agencies like the CPS: “I knew he was angry at police, he blamed them for taking his son…I tried to tell him the police didn’t do it. The police were doing their job to enforce the laws. If you want to get to that, you’ve got to go back to the liberal people that put these laws in place, to where CPS and all can grab kids.”

Somehow it makes sense to blame the very institutions that are in place to protect children from mentally unstable people like James Boulware, who reportedly has made threats against schools and churches as well as the police. The right-wing’s response to this has somehow been to blame the left when really it should be highlight the ease with which the mentally unstable can acquire numerous assault weapons and the components needed to make homemade explosives.

Watch it here:

h/t to the Raw Story

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