Lindsey Graham's Parents Ran A Whites Only Bar- AFTER the Civil Rights Act

Lindsey Graham, presidential candidate and notorious war hawk, has revealed that his parents used to run a whites-only bar-the Sanitary Cafe in Central, South Carolina- for years after the Civil Rights Act passed and institutionalized racism was purged from our nation.

Graham told POLITICO “Times being what they were, most of our customers were white…My folks sold beer to anyone of legal age, but I’m sorry to say, for many of the years my parents operated the bar, black people were expected to drink the beer they purchased from us off the premises.”

Graham also recounted his fondness for sampling the drinks and cigarettes of their patrons while he worked at his parents bar when he was under-aged. It all comes down to emphasize the fact that Graham is out of touch with the reality of the modern world- that his aggressive war-mongering and his spinning up a hysterical fear of ISIS represent a foreign policy that belongs forgotten in the past- along with his parent’s racist bar.

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