Watch: Donald Trump's Lie-Filled Campaign Launch Is Fact-Checked In Three Minutes

In this video, absolutely destroys Donald Trump’s insane ramblings that he somehow thought was appropriate for a presidential campaign announcement. Full of literally made up statistics and deeply offensive xenophobic remarks, FlackCheck sets the record straight and dissects his most ridiculous claims one by one.

For example, Trump claimed that there were “no jobs” to be had in this country, while in reality, there were 5.4 million job openings in America recorded at the end of April- the most in 15 years. He also says that the unemployment rate is somewhere between 18% and 20%- an entirely incorrect assertion. The real figure, under the broadest measure which includes part-time and “marginally employed” workers, is 10.8%.

It’s an entertaining and informative look at the worst presidential announcement, by the worst presidential candidate our nation has ever seen.

Watch it here:

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