Breaking: Huckabee Spoke To White Supremacist Group That Inspired Church Shooter

Not only did former pastor and Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee accept donations from the white supremacist group that inspired the Charleston terrorist’s murderous rampage, new revelations show that he even gave a speech to the group in 1993. The Council of Conservatives Citizens, who are unabashedly racist and segregationist pro-Confederate bigots, praised Huckabee’s “terrific” speech in a recently unearthed newsletter, which showed that Huckabee had sent a video speech to the group, as he could not leave the state while then-Governor Jim Guy Tucker was out of the state.

Huckabee has been receiving a lot of flack for his cursory attempts to distance himself from the discussion over racism and the South’s Confederate heritage that has fiercely erupted following the Charleston Massacre. When news of the atrocity first broke, he rushed to decry it as an “attack on Christianity” and attempted to dismiss the racial aspect of the killings entirely. He has attempted to dodge the question, whining that the debate over to take down the flag is just the media’s attempts at a “gotcha” moment: “everyone’s being baited with this question as if somehow that has anything to do whatsoever with running for president”- as if a cultural issue that affects a significant percent of our population has nothing to do with governing them.

As if the hole he’s dug himself wasn’t deep enough, he has alsocome out echoing NRA officials blaming the pastor and his congregants for their own deaths, saying that if they had carried a gun, they wouldn’t be dead.

Mike Huckabee has shot his own presidential campaign in the foot for the second cycle in a row. There’s no coming back from the consistent message this slew of revelations have sent that: he values guns over lives, conservatives over everyone else, and racism over tolerance.

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