Watch: Maddow Rips 2016 GOP Hopefuls For Taking Money From Supremacists

In this clip, Rachel Maddow breaks down the Charleston murderer’s ties to a white supremacist group known as the Council of Conservative Citizens, and the group’s long-standing ties to Republican politicians, who openly associate with them even though their manifesto is explicitly racist.

The group released a statement standing by their racist principles, arguing that even if the shooter drew inspiration from their website, they “[are] hardly responsible for the actions of this deranged individual merely because he gleaned accurate information from our website.”

Rachel then analyzes the revelation that multiple Republican presidential candidates, including Ted Cruz, Scott Walker, and Rick Santorum and many GOP governors and senators have all taken thousands of dollars from these groups, and discusses the phenomenon of Republicans abandoning their previous allies so quickly, and the progress that has been achieved from this terrible act.

Watch it here:

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