Watch: Attack Ad Rips Jeb 'Bailout' Bush, 'He Practically Sells Himself' For Money!

This ridiculous, but very historically accurate attack ad slams Jeb Bush in a parody of a Billy Mase-style informercial, dubbing him “Bailout Bush” and ripping him for his hypocrisy on when it comes to government interventions. Bush opposed the bailout of the auto industry in 2008 but was perfectly happy to accept a bailout for his own self when he used the savings and loans program to buy a building and had to be saved by the federal government in 1990.

It is utterly bizarre, but highly amusing swipes at Jeb Bush from a PAC. Jeb Bush attempts to present himself as a moderate but he is just as deep in the pocket of Wall Street and multinational corporations as every other Republican candidate.

Watch it here:

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