Orthodox Jews Couldn't Protest At Gay Pride Parade So They Paid Mexicans To Do It

In one of the most bizarre stories to arise out of the right-wing firestorm reaction to the Supreme Court’s gay marriage ruling, a group of Orthodox Jews hired Mexican day laborers to protest the New York City Gay Pride Parade.

Attendees quickly noticed something was out of place when a group of Mexican men dressed in traditional Orthodox garb appeared with hateful signs on the day of the parade bearing the mark of the Jewish Political Action Committee.

When questioned, the group confirmed that they had hired the protestors as if it was a normal occurrence. “The rabbis said that the yeshiva boys shouldn’t come out for this because of what they would see at the parade” said a spokesman.

The absurdity of the whole situation should not overshadow the hypocrisy and bigotry that it represents. Treating the pride parade with the disgust and suspicion that one would a leper colony takes religious discrimination to a whole new twisted level. However, the act of outsourcing a protest approaches the issue with such a lack of serious conviction that it begs the question of why they would protest at all, if they didn’t feel strongly enough to go in person.

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