Watch: A Mexican-American's Brilliant Response To Donald Trump's Bigotry

In this touching video, a young girl from Grand Rapids, Michigan, has a powerful rebuttal to Donald Trump’s atrociously racist remarks. She speaks about her father, who arrived as an undocumented immigrant and worked his way up to be a productive member of society and a wonderful father. “My dad has worked five to six days a week since I was a child. I’ve never heard him complain once. He doesn’t drink, and he doesn’t use drugs. He is certainly not a criminal, a rapist, or drug trafficker, as your [Trump’s] speech suggested.”

Adriana Almanza debunks each one of the Trump’s abhorrent claims with the example of her father in a heartwarming monologue, calling out Trump for his racism, ignorance, and narcissism. “The best to me are those who work hard and still remain humble. That is what my father embodies. That is exactly what the other millions of Mexicans embody…Instead of bashing Mexico, you’d thank Mexico: for sending you their best.”

She nails it right on the head. The vast majority of the people who move to this nation are only looking for the opportunity to make something of themselves that wasn’t available to them in their home, to be able to provide for their families, and to build something that they can take pride in.

Watch, courtesy of AJ+:

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