Watch: Every Pro-Confederate Flag Argument Demolished In 2 Minutes

In this clip from John Fugelsang’s “Caffeinated”, the comedian, who is half-Southern, addresses the controversy surrounding the Confederate Flag. “Some of all y’all still have this little fetish for the Confederate flag. Technically, that flag y’all like so much, its sortof a symbol of quitting America to start your own country because you want to keep people as pets” begins Fugelsang’s hilarious critique.

He then uses the metaphor of a marriage to illustrate what the problem is with the South’s love for their flag:”Let’s say you’re in a marriage, and you decide that you want out and you secede from this union, so you move out and leave your wife and take up with some skank and then you lose all your money and have to move back in with your wife…When you move back in to your old home, where you came from, with your wife and family, you aren’t going to hang the other b***h’s picture over the mantlepiece!”

It’s a very amusing discussion which points out all the holes in the right-wing arguments for the Confederate flag with Fugelsang’s trademark sharp wit. He’s absolutely right.

Watch it here, courtesy of John Fugelsang:

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