Venezuelan President Rips Donald Trump: He's A Mentally Ill Bandit

Donald Trump’s constant spouting of anti-Mexican bigotry has attracted the fury of reasonable and principled people around the world; and now world leaders are beginning to pass their judgement on the racist buffoon. The President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, spoke out in solidarity with Mexico against the increasingly unstable business tycoon, calling Trump a “bandit,” and a “thief,” and in a speech televised on CNN Espanol. “He who messes with Mexico, messes with Venezuela” declared Maduro, who went on to call Trump the “father of the pelucons”- a Spanish term for bigwig or aristocrat, and one with surprisingly apt connotations.

The Pelucons were originally the Chilean aristocrats in the early 19th century, whose victory in the Chilean Civil War of 1829 led to the creation of an authoritarian presidential government that was controlled by the rich- much like the system of government that the Republican Party are hoping to install in our own nation. Donald Trump is the epitome of capitalist excess, an unsophisticated and crude blowhard who has used his inherited wealth to acquire more wealth, and then to buy himself time in the political spotlight for his offensive and simplistic ramblings. There are few people who could possibly be more out of touch with the needs and struggles of the American people, and it’s an absolute travesty that we give this man any serious consideration at all.

The Mexican government has similarly been very vocal in its condemnation of Trump, dismissing him as “prejudiced and absurd.” As the backlash grows, one cannot escape the feeling that we are possibly simply feeding the troll, giving him the controversy and publicity that such an ego-maniacal narcissist thrives on. On the other hand, he is giving voice to sentiments that run deep within Republican Party culture, and we cannot allow him to get away with these statements.

If you speak Spanish, you may watch Maduro’s remarks here:

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