Oklahoma GOP Compares Children & Vets On Food Stamps To Wild Animals

The Republican Party’s relentless and inexplicable war against the poor took a bizarre and deeply offensive turn on Tuesday. The Oklahoma GOP Facebook page added a post which compared welfare recipients to wild animals:


Such a disgustingly offensive statement is a slap in the face to all of the Americans who have been impoverished by the GOP’s failed trickled-down economics, kept down by their refusal to provide living wages for working families, and putting undue pressure on them by slashing the safety net that keeps them afloat. Then they insult them, decry them as ‘lazy’ and ‘moochers,’ portraying them as animals. All the while, the GOP’s corporate donors profits off the state support which people rely on, allowing businesses to pay people poverty wages and pocket the rest. The biggest irony is that 34.52% of the state of Oklahoma’s income comes from federal funding- maybe if the GOP could govern properly, they themselves wouldn’t be subsisting on handouts from the government.

The Oklahoma Department of Human Services has issued a furious condemnation:


Upon faced with the knowledge that they just compared the elderly, retired veterans, and hungry children to zoo animals, the Oklahoma GOP have pulled the post and issued a half-hearted apology that still stuck the original message. People aren’t satisfied. The barrage of comments coming in, from Republicans as well as Democrats, prove that such degrading statements like this are NOT how real Americans feel about their less fortunate neighbors, that real Americans are compassionate people who don’t hate the less fortunate and recognize the difficulties that families face in breaking the cycle of poverty:


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