Watch: Obama Smacks Down A Reporter's 'Nonsense' Question About Iran Peace Deal

In this clip, President Obama scolds a CBS reporter attempting to get him with a “gotcha” question but who only succeeds in highlighting his own lack of understanding of how international diplomacy works. Major Garret of CBS asked the President if he was content with the deal while there were still four Americans being held prisoner in the Islamic Republic.

Obama’s response is gold: “The notion that I am content and celebrating while four Americans are languishing in prison…That’s nonsense. And you should know better. I’ve met with some of the families. Our diplomats and our teams are working diligently to get them out. The bottom line is this. This nuclear deal meets the national security interests of the United States and our allies. It prevents the most serious threat of Iran obtaining a nuclear weapon… that’s why this deal makes our country safer and secure.”

He then goes on to school Garrett in the basics of international bargaining and for attempting to frame him as failing those four people. International negotiations, especially on an issue as critical as these nuclear negotiations, are extremely delicate discussions. His remarkable achievement in making a deal at all should be celebrated. The freedom of the hostages is a separate issue that hopefully will be resolved quickly.

Watch it here:

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