Watch: Public Official Refuses To Respond To FOX Muckrakers; 'I Only Talk To Real News.'

In this clip, San Francisco Board Of Supervisors Official brushes off a FOX News reporter with an epic dismissal. Bill O’Reilly and his team of yellow ‘journalists’ went to San Francisco in an attempt to provoke city officials, blaming them for the death of Kate Steinle, a woman who was recently murdered in that city by an illegal immigrant. But they were met with only disdain for their blatant attempts to invent a narrative surrounding the tragedy.

Scott Weiner, a Democratic member of the Board of Supervisors, was made the center piece of O’Reilly’s piece for his response: “FOX News is not real news, and you are not a reporter.” His fellow board members had similar sentiments to share: Jane Kim focused on the issue of gun control, rather than immigration, and Katy Tang replied that “Of course Fox News would be this rude…you’re interviewing the wrong f*cking person.”

The incredible speed with which the FOX echo chamber explodes in self-righteous fury over the death of a white woman but callously ignores the daily abuse and deaths of minorities in this nation is absolutely reprehensible. It’s gratifying to see someone call out FOX for their continued attempts to masquerade as a “fair and balanced news network” instead of “tightly controlled propaganda machine that regularly invents narratives without any regard to reality or any pretense of journalistic integrity.”

Watch it here:

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