Watch: FOX Host Asks Why We're Not 'Clearing The Water' Of Sharks For Swimmer Safety

In this absurd clip, FOX News ponders the terror of shark attacks and wonders why we aren’t doing something about them. After a video of a shark attacking a surfer in South Africa went viral, FOX hosts engage in a ridiculous discussion of how if a professional surfer isn’t safe, then nobody is- as if being a surfer somehow insulates them from falling victim to the overfishing and environmental changes that are pushing sharks into more populated territories: “I think that the most shocking thing is that after you hear about the six attacks in North Carolina, okay, these are just swimmers” remarks Kilmeade “But then when you see a champion surfer and you have a three camera shoot and an overhead shot ‘Oh my goodness, it could happen anywhere.’”

His best quote, however, is as follows: “You would think that they would have a way of clearing the waters before a competition of this level.” Whether or not he is calling for a culling of already endangered sharks so that surfers are protected is up to debate. But it’s a very typical Republican view of the world: how dare this shark disrupt a human activity as important as a surfing competition?

The biggest irony, though, is the fact that there were 45 nonfatal shark attacks last year, and FOX is calling for someone to do something about it. Last year, 12,000 Americans died of gunshot wounds, but the response from this “news” network is to call for more gun proliferation and a reduction in background checks. Their logic does not compute.

h/t to Raw Story

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