Watch: Clowns Brilliantly Troll White Supremacy Rally With Love & Humor

In this clip, a group of counter-protesters dressed up as clowns to derail and make mock of a Charlotte, North Carolina rally by the American Nazi Party and the Ku Klux Klan. “Instead of meeting hate with hate, we’re meeting hate with love!” says one man wearing a clown nose. “The message for us is that ‘you guys look silly’!” said another woman.

The counter-protesters outnumbered the racists by five to one, fighting white power with “Dwight power” and “white flour.” Even city councilmen showed up to make sure that the supremacists felt unwelcome.

It’s a heartwarming response and a total negation of the hate that these people wanted to convey. It makes it very clear that THEY are the minorities, and that the American people don’t agree with this kind of discrimination.

Watch it here:

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