Corrupt Trump Caught Investing $250K In Keystone XL Pipeline He's Pushing

As Donald Trump barrels his way to the front of the GOP presidential race with the grace and tact of a drunken lumberjack, more and more information about Trump’s businesses and interests are beginning to emerge- and to the surprise of probably no one, it is becoming apparent that some of his political positions aren’t entirely free of personal interest.

A heavy proponent of the Keystone XL Pipeline, Trump has vocally demanded its construction, and called President Obama “dumb” and that is was an “absolute disgrace” that Obama didn’t supporting the controversial project. Turns out that his FEC filings reveal that he has a quarter of a million dollars invested in TransCanada Pipelines Ltd, which happens to be the company seeking to build the pipeline.

The pipeline would transport oil from Canada to Nebraska, but has attracted voracious criticism from environmentalists and Native Americans, while studies have found it would only create 25 permanent jobs- not the 10,000 that Trump promises in his tweets.

While this isn’t too shocking a revelation from a man who has thus far shown not even a cursory pretense at political integrity or any kind of coherent policy proposals at all, it shows once again how Donald Trump is the manifestation of the undercurrent of Republican politics: racist, ignorant, and utterly corrupt.

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