Dems Move To Block Christie From Forcing Taxpayers To Pay For His 2016 Campaigning

Chris Christie has been taking it on the chin lately, and seems to be in a battle with Donald Trump over who is the most abrasive megalomaniac. Even as he runs for President, Governor Christie is as hated in New Jersey (the few times he’s actually here) as toll booths, and he’s barely registering in the polls.

Christie is going to have even bigger problems now that the New Jersey Democrats are fighting to ensure that Christie reimburse that state for all of his 2016 travel costs. points out that the State Senate Democrats are crafting legislation that seeks to prevent New Jersey taxpayers from having to cover all the vast travel expenses, such as state troopers, while Gov. Chris Christie seeks to be the biggest clown in the GOP clown car. Christie is no stranger to extravagant spending and luxurious accommodations, especially when it’s paid for by the state’s hard-earned tax dollars. For example, it was revealed earlier this year that Christie pissed away $300,000 of taxpayer money On liquor, football And food at Met Life Stadium during the 2011 – 2012 season. Of course those greedy NJ public school officials who Christie loves to bully can’t even buy pizza for staff, but those rules don’t seem to apply to Christie.

To be exact, Christie’s recent trips to Great Britain, Canada, and Mexico cost New Jersey taxpayers roughly $124,000, as pointed out by Worse yet, Christie has been out-of-state for more than half of 2015 yet still gladly takes his generous tax-payer funded salary.

This is precisely why a state Senate committee will consider a bill that seeks to ban the use of tax payer funds to pay for “expenses incurred for travel, food, lodging, security, or any other purposes,” spent by Christie for out-of-state political activities “not directly related to the Governor’s regular and official duties as Governor.”

“The governor should do the right thing and reimburse the state,” said state Sen. Raymond Lesniak (D-Union), who has signed on as a prime co-sponsor of the bill (S2949) which was introduced in May by state Sen. Loretta Weinberg (D-Bergen). “It shouldn’t require us to pass legislation for him to do it.” (

Time and time again, Christie has shown he’s all about himself and his lust for power. After all, the man lacked self-control so much that he had to have his own stomach stapled. Let’s hope this bill gets passed.

Featured image modified by Michael Hayne of Occupy Democrats

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