Watch Matthews Rip Rubio: You're The 'Classless' One… Obama Is 'Immaculate'!

In this clip, Chris Matthews absolutely shreds Marco Rubio’s tasteless jab at President Obama, saying that he had “no class”. Rubio appeared on FOX News and tried to get himself a second in the spotlight, but only served to undermine his own campaign with his petty, baseless, and insulting remarks.

Matthews explodes on Rubio and rips him for the insinuated racism behind his remarks: “You know, that’s a slur against the man…He’s been immaculate in the presidency. Nobody has accused him of any corruption. He’s done everything right. He worked hard in school. He got into the good schools. He got to be head of Harvard [Law] Review, in a blind test to get in, it had nothing to do with minority or affirmative action, none of that. He got all the way through, and instead of going and grubbing the money on Wall Street, he went out to people and helped his community… His kids are perfect. His wife is perfect. He’s done everything that these right-wing white conservatives say we’re supposed to be in this country. He’s done everything right. And this sleazy comment, that he has no class. What does that mean?! I’d love to get him under sodium pentothal and say, ‘Buster, what do you mean by no class?! What do you mean by that?!’ And find out what he does mean. It’s a cheap slur that works with the cheap seats in the Republican Party. You know it does. It doesn’t mean anything, he has plenty of class.”

Matthews gives a passionate defense of our President, who will doubtlessly be remembered as one of the greatest our nation has ever seen. He has stood tall and has made huge achievements, ones that are even more significant due to the relentless opposition he’s faced. It’s

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