Watch: Confederate Flag Racists Terrorize Black Child's Birthday Party, Vow To 'Kill Y'all N*ggers'

In this shocking clip, a group of racists descend upon a black child’s birthday party in pickup trucks adorned with Confederate flags, brandishing automatic weapons and shouting racial slurs. They apparently threatened to “kill y’all [slur redacted],” but thankfully no shots were fired and there were no injuries or altercations. One of the truck riders was arrested later for unrelated charges.

It is deeply disturbing, however, to see such blatant racism in such a raw and vicious fashion. Police are investigating to see if any criminal activity did take place. To level such hate at the very celebration of a black child’s life is a very symbolic attack, and it is just more proof of the awful depths that racial relations have sunk to in our nation.

Watch it here:

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