Watch: Hillary Calls For End To Cuban Embargo, Calls Out Boehner & McConnell By Name

Hillary Clinton called for ending the embargo against Cuba, and calling out Republican presidential candidates who, in their attempts to pander to a dying generation of right wing Cuban exiles, actually strengthen the Castro brothers by giving the regime excuses for their failed policies and ensuring the Cuban people remain cut off from the rest of the world.

Clinton, speaking to an enthusiastic crowd in Miami on Friday, argued forcefully for an end to the decades old embargo, which she called a failed policy of the Cold War era.

“The Cuba embargo needs to go, once and for all. We should replace it with a smarter approach that empowers the Cuban private sector, Cuban civil society, and the Cuban-American community to spur progress and keep pressure on the regime,” Clinton said.

“Today I am calling on Speaker Boehner and Senator McConnell to step up and answer the pleas of the Cuban people. By large majorities, they want a closer relationship with America. They want to buy our goods, read our books, surf our web, and learn from our people. They want to bring their country into the 21st century. That is the road toward democracy and dignity. We should walk it together.”

Kudos to former Secretary of State of Clinton for her bold stance in calling for an end to the Cuba embargo.

Watch Hillary Clinton in the video below:

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