Watch: O'Donnell Rips Reagan's Doomsday Medicare Predictions, Compares Them to Palin's 'Death Panels'

In this clip, Laurence O’Donnell celebrates fifty years of socialized healthcare through the Medicaid program, and uses the opportunity to take a look at how some of then-actor Ronald Reagan’s apocalyptic predictions about the program- “the Donald Trump of his time.”


He also draws parallels with the crazed rhetoric issued about the Obamacare legislation: “No one should think think that Sarah Palin, a Ronald Reagan worshiper, invented the trick of fantasizing about the contents of healthcare legislation. Sarah Palin’s death panels are a direct descendant of Reagan’s false claim that the government was going to say to a doctor, ‘you cant live in that town.’”

He speaks on Reagan’s astounding conclusions that if Medicaid became law, then the government would soon be telling people where to live and what job they would work, and you begin to understand just where the insane proclamations from the modern right wing come from.

It’s a very interesting critique of Reagan’s paranoid delusions, and a celebration of the healthcare system that provides for millions of American every year.

Watch it here:


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