Scott Walker Tricked By Activists Into Posing With $900 Millon 'Check' From Koch Brothers

Fresh off a visit from a Koch Brothers event that was by all accounts a “Best In Show” of Republican presidential candidates doing their best Ayn Rand impressions, Scott Walker returned to New Hampshire. Riding on his union-made Harley-Davidson motorcycle in a ham-fisted and hypocritical attempt to connect with blue-collar workers whose bargaining rights he wants to crush, Walker took some heat today at a campaign stop in Manchester, NH, at Theo’s Pizza & Restaurant.

An activist from the environmental group approached Walker and asked for a picture while holding a sign that say “Walker 4 Prez.” The “fan” Tyler McFarland then flipped it around during the photo to reveal a fake check from the Koch Brothers for $900 million dollars- the amount the neo-fascist free marketeers are planning to spend on this election. Sabrina Siddiquia reporter from the Guardian, has the scoop:


McFarland then told Walker that ““I’d like to present you with this check from the Koch brothers for climate denial.” It’s a very amusing incident which unfortunately still is a painful reminder of how much money the Kochs are going to pour into the campaign of their golden boy, Walker. Walker is their favorite because he is boring enough to get elected and has proven himself to be an obedient puppet in the past. Our nation can’t afford to let them succeed.

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