Watch: Jack Hanna Demands Prison For Lion-Killing Dentist, 'Something Has to Happen!'

In this video, famed zookeeper and conservationist Jack Hanna slams Walter Palmer and calls for justice to be served- whether by fines or even an arrest. Palmer made international news last week for his brutal killing and dismemberment of one of Zimbabwe’s most iconic lions, Cecil.

Hanna breaks down just why Palmer’s crime was so disturbing and ethically wrong- on top of the fact that the world’s lion population is dropping with alarming rapidity: “In 1947, when I was born, there were about 450,000 lions…today, there are less than 30,000.”

He highlights the fact that the lion was “habituated” to humans after spending so many years with animal researchers, and blamed Palmer for taking advantage of the trust that the lion had formed with humans. Secondly, he roundly calls him out for dragging the carcass from the protected side of the park into the hunting side of the park- an obviously illegal attempt to justify his crime.

He then calls for his arrest- or at least some kind of justice to be served, saying that “I think every good hunter would agree that something has to happen here…The doctor must know himself that something has to happen here because that’s not what good hunters do by any means.”

Watch it here:

h/t to Crooks And Liars

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