Watch: Bill Maher Schools A Republican On Mixing God And Politics

In this clip from last night’s Real Time with Bill Maher, he absolutely shreds a Republican strategist’s defense of FOX’s decision to invoke God in Thursday’s GOP debates, when Megyn Kelly played a Facebook clip of a viewer, asking what God has told the candidates to fix first in our nation.

“Is that an appropriate question for a debate?” asks Maher incredulously. “For me, that was the most cringe-worthy and uncomfortable part of the debate” responds one of his guests. “Have you ever heard a question like that, and would there ever be a question like that asked in a Democratic debate?” asks Mary Matalin, a Republican strategist who clearly thought that the question belonged in Democratic debates.

“NO! Because they’re more rational!” erupts Maher, who is cut off by a shrill outburst of “THEY WERE ASKED A QUESTION!” from Matalin. “But they [Democrats] would never ask that question. They would put aside all the coocoo questions because they’d  like global warming and real problems!”

He’s absolutely right. Why the GOP feels the need to continually play into the fanciful delusions of Ted Cruz’s private conversations with God is beyond any comprehension.

Watch it here:

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