Watch: Bill Maher Sums Up The Republican Debate In One Hilarious Minute

In this clip from last night’s Realtime with Bill Maher, the host absolutely eviscerates the symphony of stupidity that was the first Republican debate. “…Megyn Kelly, she wasn’t mincing words!” begins Maher before rattling off devastating rips on the slew of candidates:

“Ben Carson! You don’t know d*ck about anything, what are you doing here?”
“Donald Trump! You’re a huge sexist assh*le!”
“Marco Rubio! Are you old enough to buy beer?”
“Scott Walker! What’s wrong with your face? You look like the kid who is carrying a dead bird in his pocket!”

Maher then concludes with a zinger, to raucous applause: “The answers were the same as ever. Muslims are coming to kill us. Mexicans are coming to rape us. If you get impregnated by one, you have to bring it to term. I mean, it seems like the entire slate doesn’t know that women are allowed to vote!”

Watch it here:


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