Confederate Flag-Waving, Anti-Government, Open-Carry Nut Fatally Shoots His Two Toddlers

Once again, yet another horrific and needless outburst of violence and death proves why the mass proliferation of firearms isn’t a good thing for our people and our nation. On Sunday, after a night of drinking, Shawn Fuller of North Carolina shot his both of his sons (ages three and four) before turning the gun on himself. He apparently has survived his self-inflicted wound, as police have dubbed it a murder-attempted suicide, but the boys were pronounced dead on the scene. His wife had fled the house in search of help earlier that night, after being assaulted by her drunken husband.

To compound the unthinkably needless misery of the situation, Fuller had been in a local store not twelve hours earlier, preaching about the need for open-carry and just how much he loved the weapons. A clerk recalls that he said ““He told (the clerk) he wouldn’t shop anywhere he couldn’t bring his gun.”

His Facebook profile reveals he was your typical Tea Party conservative, with his strongest opinions summed up in this posted picture:

Neighbors report that Fuller was often intoxicated, and often firing off his guns. He was also reported to be very paranoid, convinced that his house was going to be broken into. He called a friend shortly after shooting his sons, telling him that he had shot his sons and was about to begin firing on law enforcement. Instead, he turned his gun on himself.

It’s a horrific outburst of murderous violence from a delusional, paranoid, anti-government, gun-obsessed conservative. Or, as the NRA would put it, “just a regular Sunday.”

h/t to FreakOutNation

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