Bernie Sanders: The Kochs & the Billionaires 'Hate My Guts, And I WELCOME Their Hatred'

Towards the end of a three-day tour through Iowa, Senator Bernie Sanders took a critical moment to remind us all what we’re really fighting against. At the Boone County Fair, a concerned American asked this of the independent senator from Vermont: “I want to know if you are the next coming of FDR. We will fight for you if you will fight the Republicans in Congress.”

Sanders began channeling Franklin Delano Roosevelt in his response: “He [FDR] said ‘They hate my guts. Never have they hated someone as much as they hate me. And I welcome their hatred. And let me echo that today: If the Koch Brothers and the billionaire class hate my guts, I welcome their hatred. Because I am going to stand with working families.”

The role of corporate money in polit, and the power of the “economic royalists” that control the American oligarchy is quickly becoming a central issue that will come to define this election forever. Bernie Sanders has been preaching a message of economic justice and electoral accountability for decades, and he has so far been the only candidate to openly call out the billionaire class- especially David and Charles Koch, the fossil fuel barons whose political funding network has more than 75 organizations working around the clock to turn America in a Ayn Randian dystopia.

Bernie Sanders is still considered to be a longshot by the mainstream media, but his surge in the past month is a clear indication that his message is resonating with American voters. It is far beyond time that the American people had a champion of their own, to restore the middle class to its former glory, one free from the temptations of Wall Street and beholden to the status quo.


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