George Zimmerman Teams Up With Bigoted Gun Dealer to Sell Confederate Flags

George Zimmerman, the man who stalked and killed a teenage Trayvon Martin, is ramping up his racism and bigotry by teaming up with the controversial owner of the “Muslim-Free gun store” to sell signed prints of the Confederate Flag.

An announcement on the Florida Gun Supply website says that Zimmerman and owner Andy Hallinan plan to split the proceeds from selling the Confederate Flag prints for “legal funds, living expenses, and advancing their mission to change the country.”

Mr. Zimmerman has sold an original painting before — “an unflattering portrait of prosecutor Angela Corey,” according to TMZ — for more than $100,000.

The site suggested that “it’s a good bet this more controversial painting could be worth the same.”

An advertisement on Florida Gun Supply website states that whoever buys a singed print of the Confederate Flag will be entered to win the original painting of Zimmerman’s flag depiction.


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