Jeb Helped Wall St. Steal $1.2 Billion From Pensioners In Exchange For Cozy Job

For a perfect example of the revolving door between Wall Street and Republican politicians, look no further than Jeb Bush, self-declared “outsider”. New evidence has come to light that exposes Jeb accepting a $1.3 million a year job from the Lehman Brothers after he shunted $250 million worth of state pension funds to the unstable banking institution- the retirement funds for noble public servants like cops, teachers, and firefighters.

Lehman made $5 million in profits off of these transactions and rewarded the plutocratic Bush with a cushy corner office job after he left the governor’s office in 2007. Barely a year later, the Great Recession hit and Lehman Brothers collapsed into bankruptcy, leaving the state of Florida with over a billion dollars in lost pension.

Right after Jeb took the job at the Lehman job, the Florida State Board of Administration decided to purchase $842 million in mortgage-backed securities from the Lehman Brothers- a board upon which Jeb had sat just a few months ago.

The funds that were supposed to care for those who spend their lives serving society in a productive fashion instead of focusing on their own personal enrichment were gone in an instant, lost into the void through the recklessness of Wall Street greed and the corrupt machinations of Jeb Bush.

While Jeb can preach hollow complaints about the role of money in politics and spout vague pronouncements about the corruption of the “Washington machine,” but the voters will remember. Jeb Bush is supremely guilty of abusing his power to enrich Wall Street and himself, and used his state pension funds as a gambling chip in the games of power-drunk bankers.

America can expect nothing more from Jeb Bush, who is somehow attempting to play himself off as an “anti-establishment” candidate. Jeb Bush spawned in the womb of the Republican establishment: his name recognition, the opportunities that got him to this point. Nobody is seeing through his facade. He’s just another Bush.

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