Pres. Carter Came Home From Radiation To Find This Heartwarming Surprise

The tragic news of Jimmy Carter’s cancer diagnosis has made headlines around the nation, and provoking a wide variety of reactions from the American people. Some malcontents chose to express their sadness through hate, but the overwhelming majority of response has been an uplifting expression of love, pride, and respect for the elderly statesman. The ex-president and noted humanitarian came home from his first radiation treatment to see support for a different kind of political campaign:

The residents of Plains, Georgia, where Carter lives, have taken it upon themselves to show just how much they care for him by starting a “Jimmy Carter for Cancer Survivor” campaign. Over 500 signs have been distributed around the town, according to the Atlanta-Journal Constitution. “If we can put a smile on his face, it’s worth it,” said Jill Stuckey, one of the event organizers.

It’s a beautiful story that stands out in the climate of polarized political aggression for its sincerity. President Carter’s charity work and the role he has played as a peacemaker have done wonders for untold numbers of people around the world, and we wish him a speedy recovery.

h/t to Jen Hayden at the Daily Kos



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