Watch: Hillary's Press Secretary Debunks The GOP's Fake Email 'Scandal'

In this video, Hillary Clinton’s press secretary Brian Fallon debunks the false allegations made the former Secretary of State over her use of “classified” emails on a private server. He makes it very clear that emails on the server were not classified at the time of sending- some of them are even available on the State Department’s website, where they clearly say “UNCLASSIFIED.”

He also dismisses the perpetual smear campaign underway in the House Benghazi Committee, where the coven of witch-hunters have been working for multiple years to assemble some kind of evidence of wrongdoing on the part of Hillary Clinton- and has failed.

Fallon finishes by exposing the real reason that the right-wing FOX News echo chamber is so obsessed with Hillary: “Look, we fully expect that Republicans are going to continue to want to talk about Hillary Clinton’s emails, and that’s because they can’t talk about their plan to grow the economy on behalf of the middle class. That’s what Hillary Clinton is fighting for. That’s why Hillary is in this race, and that’s what voters care about.”

The Republican campaign to muckrake and disparage one of America’s most dedicated public servants is a shameful blight on the history of American politics. Never has so much undeserved hate and vitriol been leveled at a politician who has always had  the interests of the American people at heart- which is why it is so important that the public sees through the partisan fury and learns the truth.

Watch it here:


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