Jeb: When I Say 'Anchor Babies,' I'm Being Racist Towards ASIANS, Not Hispanics (VIDEO)

Ever since Donald Trump made his horribly misguided comments about immigrants and his continued exploitation of that wedge issue, the entire 2016 GOP presidential field has been forced to distance themselves from Trump’s inflammatory comments. Jeb Bush, one of the few GOP candidates who has a seemingly moderate attitude towards immigration (his wife is latina), found himself carrying on the Bush tradition of awkward and bad explanations.

Jeb Bush got into trouble after using the epithet “anchor babies” to refer to children born in the US to immigrant parents. It’s a term that plays to the rabidly xenophobic wing of the Republican Party, which is one that Donald Trump has happily motivated. Oddly, a Hispanic Republican group Bush co-chaired once issued a memo asking that Republicans not to use the term. So it was very impolitic of Jeb Bush to use it, especially since he’s supposed to be the smart Bush.

Yet Jeb managed to turn a faux pas into a full-blown gaffe when he said he was attributing the anchor baby term to “Asians.”

 Watch Jeb Bush’s bad explanation below:


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