Watch: A Pastor Schools Bible-Belt C-SPAN Callers On Religious Freedom

In this amusing clip, Pastor Barry Lynn fields a number of questions from overzealous callers and roundly schools them on the separation of church and state.

On man from Mississipi, “Jerry,” delivers a rambling speech in which he apparently is criticizing the “discrimination” that “Christians ” in the South are facing in their efforts to discriminate against others. “Reality is Christianity, and Christianity is reality. Jesus Christ is spirit of life. Satan is spirit of death. It’s a test. We’re in the test. We all are.” When you say what you say, as what regard abortion, you are correct in principle, however, God is Judge, and we are not to judge…Reality is Christianity and religion is Babel, it’s confusion. History never changes because the Word never changes. Man changes history or tries to, but he won’t succeed.”

Bemused and slightly confused, Pastor Lynn responds that “we have to recognize that we are not alone as Christians in this country, we have to see the 2,000 religions and 25 million atheists and free-thinkers. They are all first class citizens. If you are going to be living in this country, if you are a person in this country, you deserve to be treated just as well as anyone, including ‘Jesus Christ is my savior’ believers.” Our Constitutions says we have to make decisions based on the principles of the Constitution itself…Freedom of speech, equal protection of law. These are the things that should matter.”

The calls continue along these lines for several minutes, but Pastor Lynn, the executive director of Americans United For The Separation Of Church & State, continues to spread his message and educate his flock about the need for secular government- leaving his callers aghast.

h/t to David Edwards of Raw Story 
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