Graham: If 'Idiot' Trump Is Our Nominee, 'It's The End Of The Republican Party'

Donald Trump has been burning bridges left and right, alienating entire voting blocks, genders, and even his own party in his abrasive campaign across the country. In particular, his rivals for the GOP nomination are not at all pleased at his meteoric rise in the polls, especially Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), the paranoid war-hawk whose primary platform is returning American troops to Iraq and provoking a needless conflict with Iran.

New polls from South Carolina indicate that Graham is doing very poorly in his own state- a fact not lost on Trump, who taunted him on Twitter: “Congrats @LindseyGrahamSC. You just got 4 points in your home state of SC—far better than zero nationally. You’re only 26 pts behind me.”

Graham took to CNN to fight back, slamming Trump in a desperate attempt to hold on to his relevancy: “If Donald Trump is the nominee, that’s the end of the Republican Party. He’s shallow. He’s ill-prepared to be commander in chief. He’s a complete idiot when it comes to Mideast policy.”

Unfortunately for Mr. Graham, those words sound very hollow coming from a man who just as dangerously ignorant of how foreign policy works. Decades of work in the military has apparently given him no respect for the lives of his soldiers. Graham’s constant calls to return to war in Iraq, to deploy soldiers in the middle of a multiple-faction Syrian Civil War, to provoke hostilities with the Islamic Republic of Iran are not those of a man mature enough to make momentous, world-changing decisions. Rather, it smacks of just another half-run cookie-cutter Republican trying to stand out by pretending to be a tough guy, perhaps overcompensating for his soft-spoken demeanor.

We will agree with him on his comments about Trump, who will be the end of the Republican Party. He is just as ill-prepared to govern and ideologically shallow as Lindsey Graham is.


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