Watch: Trump Kicks Hispanic Reporter Out Of Presser: "GO BACK TO UNIVISION!"

In this clip, reporter Jorge Ramos is escorted from a Donald Trump press conference by security after attempting to get some answers from the abrasive Republican presidential candidate.

“Sit. Sit down. SIT DOWN. You weren’t called” barks Trump at the reporter, obviously dodging the tough questions that Ramos would have asked him about his offensive stance on immigration. Then, Trump snaps “GO BACK TO UNIVISION” on him, which is a barely concealed racial slur- Ramos is a Hispanic correspondent for CNN, and Univision is a Hispanic network which formerly aired Trump’s “Miss Universe” contest, until he called Mexicans “rapists and criminals” during his campaign announcement speech- after which they promptly cut all ties to him.

Trump then gives security a look, who quickly escort Ramos from the stage. It’s clear that Trump will brook no tough questions, because there’s no substance behind his bombastic outbursts of unrefined nationalism and blatant xenophobia.

Watch it here:



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