Watch Bernie Slam Republicans For 'Family Values' Hypocrisy: You Know What They REALLY Mean

In this clip, Democratic presidential candidate and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders calls out his Republican rivals for the blatant misogyny that they attempt to excuse under the guise of “family values.” On Women’s Equality Day, Sanders took to the podium in Littleton, New Hampshire, to blast the conservative hypocrites for restricting women’s agency and rights.

“Many of my Republican colleagues who come through New Hampshire and Iowa and so forth, they often talk about family values. They just LOVE families. But all of you know what they mean by family values. And what they mean by family values is that the women of this country should not have the right to control their own bodies. I disagree!”

“What they mean by family values is that women are not smart enough to be able to purchase the contraceptives they need. I disagree. And furthermore, what they mean by family values is that our gay brothers and sisters should not be able to get married or enjoy the other benefits of the American legal system. I disagree.”

“I have four kids…I have seven grandchildren, including three who live here in New Hampshire. We believe in strong families and strong family values, but our views are a little different than those of our Republican friends. When we talk about family values. what we mean is the United States should end the international embarrassment of being the only major country on Earth that does not guarantee family and medical leave to all of our families.”

He’s absolutely right. The right wing’s hypocrisy and horrendously offensive comments about women are very shameful. They do not deserve a voice in our politics if this is how they really feel about half of all Americans.

Special thanks to Holly Owsianik for filming the video. The rest of his speech

h/t to David Ferguson of Raw Story 

Watch it here:


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