Watch: Gay Couple Confronts Bigoted Clerk Who Denies Them Marriage License

In this clip from Kentucky’s Morehead County, clerk Kim Davis again refuses to issue a marriage license to gay Kentuckians- despite an order from the both state and national Supreme Courts. She cites yet another appeal as an excuse to discriminate against and deny the happiness of two ordinary Americans who love each other- “under God’s authority”.

Ms. Davis has made headlines before for her obstinacy in defiance of the courts. It just goes to show that even though an important battle may have been won, the war is far from over. Even the taxpaying would-be groom reminds her that “he pays her salary,” but she still feel that she has the right to deny happiness to others in order to placate her own sense of judgment. We can only assume that Ms. Davis will have to find new employment quite soon.

Watch it here:

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