Watch: Sanders Explains Why He Wants Wall Street To Pay Your College Tuition

In this clip, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders explains his progressive position on the huge problems that overly expensive higher education costs and the crippling burden of student debt pose for the future of America’s economy and middle class.

“We have hundreds of thousands of bright young people today who cannot afford to go to college. That is crazy and unfair, not only to the individuals, to the young people, but to the future of our economy” begins Sanders during a crowdsourced Q&A session in Burlington, Vermont.

He then lays out his plan- for all public colleges to be tuition-free, paid for by a Wall Street speculation tax. He pushes for a drastic cut in interest rates for student loans and calls for the federal government to get out of profiteering off of student loans. “We bailed out Wall Street, now it’s Wall Street’s time to help the middle class and working class of this country” says Sanders. It is far beyond time that the avaricious gamblers and extortionists on Wall Street began giving back to the nation that bailed them out after they bet big and ruined the world’s economy in pursuit of their own personal profits.

Watch it here:

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