Democrat to GOP: Powell & Rice Didn't Give Up 'A Single Goddamn Email,' So Shut Up About Hillary

Like many Democrats, Rep. Stephen Lynch (D-MA) is tired of the ridiculous distraction that is the Hillary Clinton e-mail “scandal.” It is turning the Democratic primary season into a side show, when people should be thinking about serious issues, and about which candidate can most competently address the issues citizens care most about. Instead, people are calling into question Hillary Clinton’s trustworthiness and ability to lead a transparent administration- all over something as silly as where she kept her emails.

Well, Rep. Lynch has had enough. He rightly pointed out that Secretary Clinton is not the first U.S. Secretary of State to use a private email address (and she likely won’t be the last), saying:

LYNCH: I haven’t heard a word about Colin Powell. I haven’t heard a word about Condoleezza Rice. In our investigations we went to both of those former secretaries of state and, Colin Powell, we tried to do an investigation of his testimony before the U.N. on weapons of mass destruction.

You know what, Colin Powell didn’t have a goddamn email available for us. There was zero. Zero. Hillary Clinton, what was it, 30,000 she turned in? It was the same thing with Condoleezza Rice; not a goddamn email that was useful to the committee. And no one wants to talk about that because it’s being run by a Republican chairman.

So why is it OK that Colin Powell, you know, in launching a war in Iraq, to not have a single available email, it’s OK for that, but Hillary Clinton, you know, she turns over 30,000 of them and you know that’s not enough, we want more information?

Source: Bob Cesca

Rep. Lynch is right, of course. Emails regarding a war, especially a war that the entire nation now knows we never should have gotten into, should definitely be of more concern than something as innocuous as, say, using a private email to speak to potential donors to the Clinton Foundation. Further, why aren’t we asking Colin Powell for his emails regarding that war? There’s been nary a peep regarding emails that referenced a war that cost thousands of people their lives, and permanently injured or disabled thousands more.

This email “scandal,” just like everything the GOP is trying to use to distract people from the embarrassing circus that is their own crop of primary candidates, is completely insignificant. The American people need to know who can lead best- and right now Hillary leaves Republican candidates in the dust on that front- not who emailed who during her tenure as Secretary of State and why.

Hillary Clinton has released tens of thousands of emails, and they still have found no wrongdoing and no smoking gun. In other words, there’s nothing to see here, no matter how much the GOP wishes there were.

h/t to The Bob Cesca Show

Listen to Rep. Lynch’s truth bomb below, courtesy of Buzzfeed:

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