Watch Gov. Christie Attack A Voter Who Confronted Him With His Climate Change Lies

In this video, a young lady at a New Hampshire calls out Republican presidential candidate and despised New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for his wildly ignorant statements about climate change. The unknown volunteer from the NextGen climate change advocacy group asks the governor a very important question: “Do you really believe that humans exhaling carbon dioxide contributes to climate change?” She was referencing a August 4th meeting in New Hampshire, where Christie had said that “The climate’s been changing forever, and it will always continue to change. Does human activity contribute to it? Of course it does. We all contribute to it in one way or the other. By breathing we contribute to it.”

Such a callous misrepresentation of human contribution to climate change de-legitimizes the issue and turns it into a joke. Christie may have realized just how foolish he sounded, because he instantly switched into defensive mode- with all the grace and tact that Chris Christie is famous for: “Give me my microphone back!”

“I really care about this subject,” protests the volunteer. “I know you really care about this subject, but you know what, the first thing you need to do is not be wrong, and not quote me incorrectly. I never said that humans contribute to climate change by breathing,” Christie says. “I never said it! Were you there?”

She was, in fact, which is ignored by the candidate. “Then you need to clean out your ears, young lady! I never said that humans contribute to climate by breathing. Ridiculous statement. I never said that!” barks Christie.

NextGen was kind enough to acquire the video where Christie says just that, and splices them together for your amusement.

Chris Christie’s campaign is already on life support as he dips in the polls and into the shadows of Trump, who has snatched the mantle of “abrasive blowhard” away from Christie. It is far past time for him to step aside and let people with a coherent understanding of basic environmental science and common decency take his place.

Many thanks to NextGen Climate for their tireless efforts to fight climate change, and this video.

Watch it here:

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