Watch: Sanders Rips Trump For 'Using Racism' To Blame Immigrants Instead Of Wall Street

In this video, Democratic presidential candidate and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders takes aim at his rival across the aisle and calls out Donald Trump for his ham-fisted attempts to blame America’s economic problems on immigrants, when really it was wealthy tycoons like Trump who crippled the world’s economy with their high-risk gambling.

“You would think that an honest political discussion would say, “How do we address those issues?” But what certain candidates like Trump are trying to do is to say to Americans, “We have problems, do you know who the cause of the problems is? It’s all the immigrants.”

Well, to the best of my knowledge, undocumented people did not cause the greed and the illegal behavior on Wall Street, which destroyed this economy. To the best of my knowledge, undocumented people in this country did not cause the fact that we have not raised the minimum wage. … So what they are doing, are using, in this case, Latinos, as simply a whipping boy to deflect attention from the real issues facing America.

We can have a debate in this country about immigration reform, and people can have different points of view, but it is absolutely unacceptable for presidential candidates like Donald Trump to be using racism and demagoguery against a group of people. This is unacceptable. This is the year 2015, and I would have hoped that in this country we would have gone beyond this type of racism.”

Time and time again, Bernie Sanders refuses to stray from his laser-like focus on the important issues that matter to the American middle class. Every Republican presidential campaign is smoke and mirrors, distracting our attention from the real problems with divisive and utterly false social narratives, and we cannot let them pull the blinds over our eyes once again.

Watch it here:

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