Watch: Protester Heckles Cheney's Anti-Iran Deal Speech, 'You're A War Criminal!'

In this clip, a protester interrupts former Vice President and war criminal Dick Cheney’s most recent speech against President Obama’s historic nuclear peace deal with the Islamic Republic of Iran. A woman with the activist group CodePink burst into the speech at a neoconservative think tank, the American Enterprise Institute (a group whose members once engineered public policy for the second Bush administration), and shouted at Cheney that “YOU’RE A WAR CRIMINAL!”


“No more war mongering,” she cries. “We want peace! We want PEACE!”

She is absolutely correct on both counts. Dick Cheney was largely responsible for dragging America into the disastrous for-profit war in Iraq- where most of the profits went to his old company, Halliburton, among other that he and his neo-con allies had links to. Now he’s trying to push America into another useless war with Iran- a far more deadly and prepared enemy than Saddam Hussein’s dying regime. He must not be allowed to succeed. America wants peace!

Watch it here:



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