Kim Davis's Deputy Clerk Vows To Defy Her Orders & Keep Issuing Marriage Licenses To Gay Couples

Sanity has returned to Rowan County, Kentucky, where the rule of law is finally being obeyed and marriage licenses are being issued to all couples. Five deputy clerks have agreed to do their jobs after clerk Kim Davis was jailed for refusing to marry gay couples.

Davis invoked her newly held faith and her commitment to the “sanctity of marriage,” an institution so important to Davis that she’s had four marriages.  More likely Davis wanted to enjoy a few days of national media attention. A judge jailed her for defying her orders; she has now been released but will not return to work today. It is unclear whether her weekend behind bars has had any effect.

Her son, who also works in the county clerk’s office, has declared that he will also refuse to issue licenses. The remaining five have said they have no problem obeying the law and doing their jobs. One, Brian Mason, has even vowed to defy Davis if she orders him to defy the judge.

Protesters have called for the clerks issuing licenses to be arrested for “breaking the law.” The religious zealots getting all fired up over this trivial and enormously petty issue are surprisingly ignorant of just how the legal system works. Davis is projected to continue refusing to issue licenses to gay couples; this farce may have to play out several more times.


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