Watch Mika & Joe Grill Huckabee: Why Do You LOVE Divorce But Not Gay Marriage?

In this epic clip, Mika Brzezinski from MSNBC’s Morning Joe rips into a confused Mike Huckabee for his hypocrisy in condoning county clerk Kim Davis’s refusal to issue marriage licenses to gay couples while having had three previous marriages already. Joe Scarborough, her obtuse and abrasive co-host, begins the clip by noting that “Jesus focused a lot more on divorce, focused a lot more on lust, focused a lot more on the poor, focused a lot more on clothing the naked, visiting people in jail, taking care of the hopeless than he did on homosexuality. In fact, he never mentioned homosexuality.”

Huckabee can only reply with a weak and irrelevant point about how “homosexual marriage was not an issue in the First Century,” to which Scarborough notes that “Jesus was much more explicit about divorce and you can much more easily make an argument that a judge would refuse to grant divorces because Jesus was far more explicit about divorce equaling adultery.”

Brzezinski tires of the semantic nitpicking between the two conservatives and gets right to it: “What if Kim Davis wanted to get a third or fourth marriage license from somebody who truly believes that you should only get married once?” demands Brzezinki. “What would you say to that?” Huckabee, flustered, attempts to dodge the question, but Mika doesn’t let up.

She effectively shuts down Huckabee’s swiss cheese defense of his discriminatory bigotry and semi-coherent appeals to religious liberty- on live television. It’s about time these zealots started getting called out for their ideological inconsistency and cherry-picked religious interpretations.

Watch it here:


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