Tea Party Congressman: Obama Is An "Islamic Son Of A B*tch"

A North Carolina Tea Party darling and state Republican Rep. Michael Speciale, posted a Facebook image on September 5 referring to President Obama as an ‘Islamic son of a bitch and a coward.’

Speciale actually shared a meme on which he noted: “This would be great” about President Obama. He grabbed the image from the Facebook page of ‘1 Million People to Defeat Barack Obama’. The image, as you can see, is an imagined right-wing attack on the President by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that goes on to obscenely accuse President Obama of being a weak Muslim and a coward.

One comment from a constituent of Speciale on his September 5 FB post tells it all; “Michael—your position requires dignity and cooperation over this kind of rant. . .I was thinking of voting for you next term ~~~ BUT now you can forget it for bringing such shame to your district . . .”

Let us also not forget that Speciale is that ‘special’ kind of extremist who in August voted to make life more difficult for the unemployed, requiring them to dramatically increase the number of weekly contacts to collect unemployment benefits.  And that special person who in May voted to allow, a la Kim Davis, officials to not perform certain marriage duties based upon religious objection.  This, after just a month prior, he voted to extend the time a woman had to wait to elect to have an abortion. This kind of obscene disrespect is just par for the course among Republicans these days; it is utterly shameful and we call for his resignation.


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